Ultimate Self-Righteousness

We as Christians are sometimes accused of being self-righteous. But, but let's think about this.

Righteous is a legal term meaning right within the covenant. Our covenant with the Father through our Lord Jesus has a law to be followed and a list of blessings and curses. We have the law of Christ. If we read John chapter 14 we see what the Lord teaches about those we really love Him. Hebrews 5:9 teaches, "And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him."  This shows that the Lord is our law giver. If we follow the law we would be righteous, right within the law. The law giver would be the self-righteous one, or right within Himself as the Lord is. A Christian would only be self righteous if he added, subtracted, or changed the law in some way.

Now, let's look at the atheist.  The atheist believes he is the highest moral authority because there is nothing greater than man. He only has to answer to himself or the law of man. He can change the law to fit his desires because there is no real consequence. If he is married, who can say adultery is wrong?  He may have made a vow, but he is his own moral authority and can change what is moral to fit his desires.

A real life example of this is Dr. Richard Dawkins. He is an atheist that believes Christianity is a plague on this world. He made a statement the children with downs syndrome should be aborted and that parents should just try again. Here we have Dr. Dawkins making a moral call that a child with downs syndrome is somehow less than human. He has dehumanized a whole group of people made in the image of God. This shows he is a law unto himself and is the definition of self-righteousness. Dr. Dawkins is his own moral authority.

Atheism is the ultimate in self-righteous belief.

From the road and in Christ,