Getting Back to God

Getting Back to God


Struggling with a wayward people

  • As Hosea      was with Gomer -- a harlot wife (1.2,3)
  • The      nation involved in gross immorality (4.1,2)
  • Why?      The people have left God (2.13)


Living w/o God

  • THE      message of our society: "Go away. Don't meddle in our lives."
  • God is      banished from public sector: business, school, politics...
  • Q: Why      are we surprised when unbelievers act as if there is no God?


"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God & the Bible." -- G. Washington

"Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people." -- John Adams


The Symptoms & the Cause

  • Illicit      sex - outside marriage, same gender / Murder of infants / Substance abuse...
  • Mass      murder -- esp. in schools / Corruption in business and politics / Lying
  • Why? Common      cause: People no longer have God in their heart (Prov4.23)


No Morality w/o God

  • Atheist      can do good, but it is illogical & inconsistent with materialism.
  • Who's      right? There is no absolute standard of right and wrong in humanism.
  • Any      ethics society claims are borrowed (& forgotten) from the God of scripture.


Making God the Issue

  • Debating      the merits of a behavior is pointless in society of moral relativism.
  • We      must be more specific than 'conservative principles' & 'traditional      values.'
  • Paul      made Jesus the center of discussion everywhere he went: Acts17.22-31


What about 'separation of church and state?' Keep state fingers out of the church!


Re-Introducing the God of Scripture

  • True      & Just: the very standard of what is right in all His character      (Rev15.3)
  • Loving:      He provides daily & gives everything for our needs (1Jn3.16)
  • Deliverer      and Judge: Jesus is sufficient for these roles (Ax17.30&31 / 2Cor5.10)


Behavior follows belief. If true nature of God forms our faith, we live godly.


The Ethics of Scripture

  • Responsibility:      no consequence in Darwinism / accountable to God (Rom14.12)
  • Compassion:      inexplicable by naturalism / fully supported by theism (Jas1.27)
  • Dignity      of Life: 'choice' to respect and protect humans - in God's image (Jas3.9)


We do NOT live in a morally neutral universe. Thank God!


The Answer for this people: Be restored to the Lord (Hos3.4&5 / 7.10 / 14.1f)