The Divine prerogative (Mk2.7) "To err is human, to forgive divine."

"Love covers a multitude of sins." (Jas5.20)


Guilt Needs Forgiveness

  • There      IS Right & Wrong (Ex9.27)
  • Wrong      behavior brings Guilt (Psa38.1-8)
  • We      need Forgiveness of Sins (Psa25.18 / 51.1&2,7-10)


Forgiveness is Conditional

  • God      will NOT forgive those who break His covenant (Dt29.16-18 / esp      vs19&20)
  • He      will forgive those who repent and pray (1Kgs8.30,34,36,39,50)
  • The      hardened heart will not be forgiven (Heb6.4-6 / 10.26&27f / v31)


Learning Forgiveness

  • A      pivotal subject in prayer (Mt6.9-15      / esp vs12,14,15)
  • The      Lord wants this divine trait to be ours. It needs to be.
  • We are      to seek the salvation of others (see Mt18.15-20 / vs21-35)


Interceding for Others

  • We      can, like Moses, intercede for others, but... (Ex32.32)
  • As      Jesus did from the cross (Lk23.34) / & Stephen under stones (Ax7.60)
  • Should      not pray for unrepentant to be forgiven - against God's will (1Jn5.16)


Process of Restoration

  • The      Lord requires the sinner to repent & seek restoration (Lk17.3,4)
  • Reproof      >> Repentance >> Restoration (1Cor5 >> 2Cor2)
  • This      is how love can cover a multitude of sins (Jas5.19&20)


Getting Mercy Right

  • The      disciples given the power to forgive or retain guilt (Jn20.23)
  • We can      extend it where God withholds it (Rom16.17 / 1Cor5.2 / 2Jn10)
  • We can      withhold it where God extends it (Lk15.1&2 -- at least the opportunity)


Haven of Mercy

  • The      church should be a safe-house for the forgiven (Col3.12-15 / esp v13)
  • If we      do not forgive, then Satan as outwitted us! (2Cor2.10&11)
  • Not to      be abused or taken for granted. To be feared (Psa130.4)


To forgive truly is Divine. Have I been forgiven? Do I forgive others?



notes by David Teel Tuesday, August 12, 2014