The Collection for the Saints

The Collection for the Saints - 1Corintians16.1


Doing God's Work

  • Sinners      must hear the gospel to be saved (Rom10.13-16)
  • Saints      (believers) should be clothed and fed (Rom15.25,26)
  • Will      the world do God's work? Who Will? Will We?


Spiritual Kingdom

  • The      nature of divine rule over the hearts of humanity: spiritual
  • Q: If      un-supported monetarily - Will the church cease to exist?
  • Yet,      in this world, we use the physical to spiritual ends (cfRom12.1 / 15.27)


Pattern of the Early Church

  • Organic      Cause: over-extended stay > limited resources (Ax2.44,45)
  • Local      church provided for own needy (Ax4.32-35)
  • Distant      church may send to enable another church (Ax11.27-30)


Exemplary Macedonians

  • The      grace of God: their joy overflowed in generosity (2Cor8.1-3)
  • Dedicated      lives excel in service to others: "gave selves 1st" (vs4,5)
  • The      Corinthians -- who promised earlier - urged to follow suit (vs7-11)


The Divine Economy

  • Work      to provide for our own & others (2Thss3.10-12 / 1Tim5.8 / Eph4.28)
  • Abundance      shared with those in need -- until tables turn (2Cor8.13-15)
  • Distribute      to others & have eternal righteousness! (Psa112.3,5,9)


Support of Preaching

  • Farm      Life: Vineyard laborers live from its produce (1Cor9.7-14)
  • Paul      enabled to preach by support of churches (Ax18.1-5 / 2Cor11.7-9)
  • Saints      at Philipi sent directly to Paul -- church to preacher (Phil4.14,15)


Principles of Giving

  • Prospered      (Proportional): according to ability (1Cor16.2 / 2Cor8.12)
  • Purposed      (Intentional): deliberately, with full heart (2Cor9.7)
  • Plentiful      (Bountiful):      to fullness of capacity (2Cor8.2 / 9.6-8)


Goal of Giving

  • Needs      of Saints met (2Cor9.12a) -- from mutual concern (v14a)
  • Fruit      of Rightness -- credit to account (Phil4.17 / 2Cor9.10)
  • Glory      to God -- thru good deeds and praise (2Cor9.11b,12b,14b)


Are the resources placed in our charge busing doing God's Work?


notes by David Teel Monday, August 25, 2014