The Temple of God

The Temple of God


The Idea of Temple

  • A      building devoted to worship, regarded as the dwelling of deity
  • David's      Intent: to build a house for God (2Sam7.1-7,12&13)
  • Rejoice      in God's presence (Psa65.4). Reverence for His throne (Psa138.2)


Made by Hands

  • Solomon's:      finest materials and craftsmanship (2Chron5.18-21)
  • Herod's:      1st C marvel, 80+ years in the building (Ax7.44-50)*
  • Man's:      seeking to formalize religion by physical forms (Ax17.24&25)

*1st C disciples were personally acquainted with this grand structure.


Where God Really Lives

  • Having      a physical house can be a false confidence (Jer7.4)
  • Yahweh      is in His Holy Temple! - Psa11.4 / Hab2.20
  • Enshrined      in Eternal Praises (Isa6.1f / Rev7.15)

"I tell you, something greater than the temple is here." (Mat 12:6 ESV)


Living Stones in a Living House - 1Pet2

  • Laid      in Zion, a      special, chosen cornerstone or stumbling stone (vs4-8)
  • A      hand-chosen people become a special nation (v9)
  • Priests      to serve and honor our God, proclaim His praises (vs5&9b)

Sing: "Draw from Springs..." (HW#22)


God Dwells by Spirit - Eph2.18-22

  • unity      among all those people drawn near to him
  • common      foundation: Christ the cornerstone, revelation foundation
  • built      together into a dwelling place for God


Temple Set Apart - 2Cor6.16b-7.1

  • nature      of a covenant relationship with God (Ex29.45 / Jer31.33)
  • come      out from the defilements of the world (Ezra6.21 / Isa52.11)
  • the      personal God is Father to sons and daughters (Jer31.9 / Rom8.14-17)


Penalty for defiling God's house (1Cor3.16,17)


Keeping His House Holy

  • Faith      and religion with Christ Jesus at center (1Tim3.15&16) -- theologically
  • Mind      dwelling on wholesome thoughts (Phil4.8&9 / Col3.1f) - spiritually
  • Individual      body the Spirit's temple -- live holy (1Cor6.19,20) -- morally


"The one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God." (Rev 3.12)


notes by David Teel Tuesday, August 26, 2014