Sound Doctrine

Sound Doctrine


The Letter of Paul to Titus (1.9 / 1.13 / 2.1 / 2.2)


Elders' Work

Exemplary in godly living (1.5-8)

Fixed in truth of gospel (v9a)

Instructing in sound teaching (v9b)


Sound Means

Greek: Hugiaino = well, whole, healthy (Lk5.31 / 7.10) / "Safe and Sound" (Lk15.27)

Antonym: diseased, weak, feeble, impotent. Unable to perform properly or produce.

Nourishing in holiness. Feeding the heart and life with good things.


The Standard

The words of Jesus / Teaching that promotes piety (1Tim6.3)

Pattern of apostolic teaching (2Tim1.13)

Truth is Consistent / with Integrity (Tit2.7,8)


Poor Diet

"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching" (2Tim4.1-5)

As junk food and inactivity lead to physical weakness & illness.

Sound or Sick church? Both true to word AND active in good works -- growing.


Rebuke Required

Human mind contradicts God (Titus1.9&10)

Error upsets the course of life (vs11-13)

Myths & false commands deny God (vs14-16)


Note: Division is caused by those who reject the truth (3.9-11)


Sound Preaching

Obligated to give the people healthy teaching (2.1)

Show the way in good, wholesome living (2.7)

Put power in your preaching. Proclaim it! (2.15)


Good Works

The very purpose of the grace of God & Jesus (2.11-13)

Manifest characteristic of the people of God (2.14)

Beneficial, profitable, fruitful to others (Tit3.8&14)


Lord, may we be sound -- truly healthy - in the faith,

holding to Your word & performing it -- for your glory & our good. Amen.


notes by David Teel Tuesday, September 09, 2014