The Love of John

The Love of John


John's other major themes - fellowship, knowing, abiding, living -- all intertwine here.

"Love" (both noun & verb forms of agape) occurs 46x in 1John. In relationship.


Loving God (2.3-6)

Keep His word / commands (v5) >> know Him

OR -- Say I do & speak falsely - be a liar! (v4)

Being IN Him -- by walking / living as He does (v6) in the light (vs10&11)


Loving the World (2.15-17)

Then, NO Love of the Father in him (v15) -- these are spiritually exclusive

World: Desires of flesh, eyes, pride (v16) -- these become motives of living

Dying VS Living Forever! (v17) note: love = doing - what God wants


Like the Father (3.1-3,9&10)

His children - not in name, but truth -- are like Him (vs1-3)

Nature of reproduction: like Father, like son > stop sinning (v9)

Known 'by their fruit:' pure, right, loving are God's (v10)


The original word / message: Faith & Love (vs11&23)


Loving Brothers (3.11-18)

Hatred derives from envy (v12) evil doers hate right

Love is life -- ultimate demonstration: resurrection (v14&15)

Proof of God-kind of love: sacrifice (v16-18) note: love = doing


New Birth (4.7-12)

Born of God & know Him by Love (vs7&8)

Real Love Demonstrated: only Son (vs9&10)

In imitation, we love the brothers (vs11&12)


Love Perfected (4.16-21)

Know & believe >> mutual abiding -- by love (v16)

Confident Assurance (vs17-19) We are like God, even here!

Love unseen God by loving seen brothers (vs20-21)


The Victory (5.1-5)

Believe Jesus & Love Brothers >> Born into God's Family (v1)

Father teaches us HOW to love (v2). We manifest love AS He instructs.

Listen & do as He instructs >> Love God / born of Him / Victory! (vs3-5)


Victory over the world: trustwho Jesus is & do what He says.


notes by David Teel Monday, September 15, 2014