The Elect of God

The Elect of God


"the elect of God, holy and beloved" (Col3.12) / "God's chosen ones" (ESV)


The NON-Elect

Sin separates us from the Creator (Isa6.5 / 59.2). All sin is banished from His presence.

Previous demonstrations of His wrath: the flood, Sodom, fallen angels, Israel (see Jude).

The plan of salvation is God's effort to overcome the sinfulness of humanity.


The Elect in Scripture

Prophet Isaiah: 1) Messiah (42.1) / 2) Israel (45.4) / 3) remnant (65.9&22).

During Tribulation: days shortened (Mt24.22) false signs (v24) gathered (v31).

Their prayers for justice answered (Lk18.7). God vindicates His own (Rom8.33).


Defined: Those whom the saving power of God brings to ultimate deliverance.


The Elect Church

Paul labored to benefit the elect -- their faith and knowledge of truth (2Tim2.10 / Tit1.1).

God chose the Messiah, the cornerstone of His new, living temple (1Pet2.6).

Groups of believers, scattered around the world, are the elect of God (2Jn1&13).


Q: HOW are they chosen?

Foreknown > sanctified by Spirit > obeyed Jesus > sprinkled with blood (1Pet1.1&2).



God knows -- and declares - the end from the beginning (Isa46.8-10-13).

Nothing great accomplished without a plan. God's Plan: Rom8.28-30.

Salvation IS His business (Jonah2.9). No other way but His (Rom9&11).


Two Views

The Prescient view: God foresees those who will accept His call in the gospel.

The Augustinian view: God gives faith & deliverance to particular individuals.

Q: Is heaven populated by robots? or by loving redeemed -- who chose to be there?


"For many are called, but few are chosen." (Mat 22:14)


The Holy Calling

Our Salvation is a Co-operative Effort: 1Thess1(v4) / 2Thess1.11

The called must finish their course -- arrive at the goal (2Pet1.10).

Ultimately, our deliverance is His doing, not ours (2Tim1.9).


"For consider your calling, brothers... God chose... God chose... God chose...

so that no human being might boast in the presence of God." (1Cor1.26-29-30)



notes by David Teel Monday, October 06, 2014