TheCourage of My Convictions

Having the Courage of My Convictions

Everyone helps his neighbor and says to his brother, "Be strong!" (Isa 41:6 ESV)


Be of Good Courage:

o       Joshua leads nation in conquest of the land (Num13.20 / Dt31.6-8,23 / Josh 1.6-9).

o       Hezekiah encourages Jerusalem to hold out in the siege (2Chron32.7,8).

o       Esther went un-invited to the king - to plead for her people (Esther4.8,14).


The Courage

o       Latin 'cor' = heart. Originally refers to the mind, spirit, disposition of a person.

o       Hebrew: amats = strength of mind, will, or heart / chazaq = be strong.

o       Greek: tharrheo = confidence, boldness -- leading to bravery & heroic action.

o       The ability to encounter difficulty and danger with firmness, boldness, and resoluteness.


"Courage is being scared to death -- but saddling up anyway." -- John Wayne


Of My Convictions

o       Strong persuasion or belief (Webster, 1913); c-ed: completely certain in a cause.

o       Joshua (& Caleb) had firmly established convictions (Num13.30 / Josh14.6-8).

o       The power of a personal faith (Heb11.1). What are "MY" Convictions? (Rom14.5).


What Convinces Me?

o       Beware the source! Previous convictions can make me the enemy of truth (Acts26.9).

o       The Scripture - when heard/read and united with faith (See Lk16.27-31 / Heb4.2).

o       Paul labored to convince people to follow Jesus as Messiah (Ax18.4 / 19.9 / 28.23).

o       Presented with conviction (1Th1.5), yet not effective for those who disbelieve (Ax28.24).


Of What am I Convinced?

o       God is ABLE - to keep His promise! (Rom4:20-22 / 2Tim1.12)

o       God is WITH me - everywhere & always (Dt31:6 / Josh1:5&9 / Heb13.5&6).

o       God will FINISH what He started! (Phil1.6 / 1Pet5.10)


"Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!" (Psa27.14)


The Courage to...

o       Live... with hope and purpose (Phil1.20-25)

o       Love... those in your charge and proximity (2Cor12.15)

o       Pray... as having a great & trustworthy High Priest (Heb10.19-23)

o       Forgive... any who have wronged me -- in any way (Mk11.25)

o       Confess... Jesus ([many did not -- Jn7.13 / 12.42] Ax23.11 / 2Cor4.13)

o       Defend... the truth of the gospel (Gal2.13&14 / Phil1.7&17)

o       Die... with destiny certain and secured (2Cor5.6-10)


"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD."  (Psa31.24)



notes by David Teel Aug23, 2008 / revised Sept21 & Oct19, 2014