Hold Your Tongue

Hold Your Tongue

Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to understand wherein I have erred. (Job6.24)


Segregating Speech

  • Expect religious talk to be meaningful and      wholesome (singing, teaching).
  • Casual talk can run freely. Playful banter bounces      about; content doesn't matter.
  • James says Speech is a critical part of our      religion: Jas1.26 -- in all our daily life.


Importance of our Speech

  • Power to Hurt & Power to Heal (Prov12.18 /      18.21 / Jas3.5-8).
  • The LORD knows every word -- before said (Psa139.4).
  • He Calls to Judgment: "Every Careless Word" Mt12.35-37.


Evils of the Tongue

Frivolous talk, empty chatter, vanity (Prov10.19 / Eccl 5.3 / 10.13-14 / Mt12.36 ASV)

Lying (Prov6.17) / Flattering (Prov26.28) / Gossip (2Cor12.20) / Slander (Psa109.2&3)

Cursing: calling harm upon (Rom12.14,17-21 / Ex: Michael (Jd9)

Profanity: disrespect for sacred things (Lev19.12) / Blasphemy (Psa73.9 / Jd10)

Obscenity / Vulgarity: indecent, lewd, suggestive (Eph5.4)


His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity. (Psa10.7)


Prevalence of Perverse Speech

  • Coarse words to 'embellish' weak conversation.
  • Music full of obscene and vulgar expression (Ex:      gangster rap).
  • Senseless Talk -- w/o regard or recognition of      vanity.


He who rebukes a man - afterwards will find more favor than he who flatters with his tongue. (Pro28.23)


Euphemistic Language

  • Hard language soft, toned down, more polite, more      acceptable.
  • Examples: he passed away / job down-sized /      pre-owned car / house needs TLC
  • Speech: 'Gosh, Darn, Golly, Gee, Heck, Crap,      Shoot, Frickin' / Texting: OMG


How to Control It

  • Fill the Mind/Heart with Good (Psa19.14 / Prov15.28 / Lk6.45).
  • Put a bridle on the tongue (Psa39.1) / & 'keep      it' (Prov21.23)!
  • Engage in Good Speech / Purposeful Words (Ex:      Rom10.8-10).


Good Use of the Tongue

  • Tell the greatness and the glory of God (Psa35.28 / 126.2).
  • Edifying, fitting, gracious, words to my brothers      (Eph4.29).
  • Repeat God's Word to friends & neighbors      (Psa51.13 / 1Thess1.8 / Col4.4-6).


Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt...  (Col 4:6 ESV)





notes by David Teel Monday, October 27, 2014