Come to Jesus!

Come to Jesus


He Came to Us

  • He      came from the Father to Humanity (Jn16.28)
  • He      came to Seek and Save the Lost (Lk19.10)
  • He      came to serve -- to give His life (Mk10.45)


People Came to Jesus



wise men came to see Him (Mt2.1)


the tempter came to test Him (4.3)


angels came to support Him (4.11)


His disciples came to learn (5.1)


a leper came to be cleansed (8.2)


a centurion came for his servant (v5)


a scribe came to follow Him (v19)


Gadarenes came to ask Him to leave (v34)


sinners came to eat with Him (9.10)


disciples of John came to understand (v14)


ruler came for his daughter (v18)


a woman came to stop bleeding (v20)


blind men came to see (v28)


his disciples came with Qs (13.10 & 36)


Pharisees came to accuse Him (15.1)


foreign woman came for daughter (v22,25)


crowds came with their sick (v30)


Pharisees came to test Him (19.3)


a young man came for eternal life (v16)


J&J's mother came for her sons (20.20)


priests came to test His authority (21.23)


Sadducees came to test Him (22.23)


woman came to anoint Him (26.7)


disciples came to prepare Passover (v17)


Judas came to betray Him (26.47)


Joseph came to bury Him (27.57)


an angel came to roll back the stone (28.2


women came to worship at His feet (v9)




Difficulty Coming to Jesus

  • Peter      needed to walk on water (Mt14.28)
  • Little      children were hindered (Mt19.14)
  • Rich      man had many possessions (v21)


Why Come to Jesus?

  • Only      He is the Son of God (Mk1.1 / 15.39)
  • Only      He can Save (Mt1.21 / 14.30)
  • He      came with all authority -- to make disciples (Mt28.18)


Come to Jesus

  • in      faith -- Do you believe? (Mt9.28)
  • in      obedience -- Listen, To Do His Will. (Mt7.24)
  • in      need -- Asking, believing, receiving. (Heb4.16 / 5.9)


Who will follow Jesus? He invites disciples to do so (Mt4.19)

Who will come to Jesus? He invites needy to do so (Mt11.28)


notes by David Teel Wednesday, October 29, 2014