Our Adversary

Our Adversary, the Devil                                              (1Peter5.8)


His Names

Satan < Chaldee/Hebrew satanas (23X in OT / 36x in NT) = opponent, enemy

Devil < Greek diabalos (34x in NT) = false accuser, slanderer

Beelzebul < Chaldee (7x in NT) = lord of the fly (god of Ekron 2Kgs1.2,3,6,16)

'The Evil One' < Greek poneros (12x in ASV NT) = painful, hurtful, harmful


His Origin

  • Not      directly described in scripture / reality plainly testified
  • Type      may be seen in king of Babylon:      "Lucifer" (Isa14.12-14)
  • His      friends, the fallen angels are described (2Pet2.4 / Jd6)
  • Created      being - once good - with great power, intelligence, and responsibility
  • Chose      to rebel - go his own way & undermine God's authority (Gen3.1)
  • He has      a 'house' & kingdom (Mt12.26) [demons -- 60x]
  • 'His      angels' fight on his side -- against Michael & his angels (Rev12.7)


His Business

Adversary (stand in the way, against) -- Rev12.4 // 1Pet5.8

Deceiver (go astray, turn out of the way) / 'that primal snake' - Rev12.9

Murderer (man-slayer), Father of Lie (falsifier) - Jn8.44 (2Th2.9)

Accuser (charge with offense) - Rev12.10 (An example: Zech3.1&2)


Temping God's People

  • Job1&2      (14x in 2 chapters) -- must have permission to harass
  • Mk1.13      -- audacity to temp the very Son of God! & lost...
  • Lk22.31      - all the apostles included! / esp. Peter, who denied


Successful Influence on Men

  1. David --      'Satan... incited David...' (1Chron21.1)
  2. Peter -      'get behind me, Satan!' (Mt16.23)
  3. Judas -      'Satan entered into' (Lk22.3 / Jn13.2&27)
  4. Ananias      - 'Satan filled your heart' (Ax5.3)
  5. Wayward      Christians - 'strayed after Satan' (1Cor5.5 / 1Tim1.20 / 5.15)
  6. False      Teachers -- 'doctrines of demons' (1Tim4.1)
  7. Opposing      Jews - 'the synagogue of Satan' (Rev2.9 / 3.9)


His Destiny

Defeated by the Lord & his apostles -- Luke10.17-20 / v18 "fall like lightning"

Ultimate triumph accomplished in His death and resurrection (Heb2.14).

Common Doom of the Disobedient (Mt25.41 / Rev20.10,14,15) "lake of fire"

Turn from the Power of Satan! - Escape His Control (Ax26.18)

Fight good fight (Eph6.10ff) Give no quarter (Eph4.27) Conquer Him (Rev12.11)

His Doom & the Lord's Victory is Certain! - Rom16.20


notes by David Teel Tuesday, November 11, 2014