The Arm of the LORD Revealed

The Arm of the Lord Revealed                                             Isa51-54


God's Nation

Children of Abraham, born to be children of God (51.1&2 / v16).

His Arm sure to save and protect them (vs5&9).

Have no fear of men or nations (vs7,12,13).



God's holy city taken captive and oppressed by unbelieving nations (51.23).

Why? Because their God could not save them? other gods more mighty?

Forgot their God! (51.13) Leaders weak and fearful (51.18&20 / 52.5).


Deliverance Time!

Wake Up. Rouse and Compose Yourself (52.1&2).

Good news -- peace & happiness -- being proclaimed (v7a).

On what ground? Zion's God Rules! He returns! (vs7b-8).


His Holy Arm

Summons to arouse and deliver His people -- as He did before (see51.9-15).

He acts, He moves, He works -- with His Arm, an instrument of DOing.

Who is the instrument of His will? (52.10 / 53.1) Who knows? Who sees?


My Servant

Wise, insightful, careful, prosperous, exalted -- as truly known (52.13).

Marred, w/o form or beauty, despised and rejected by humanity (52.14,15 / 53.2,3).

Reason for this humiliation: Our sins. He took on our lowest form (v4-6).


The Divine Plan

All this ignominy -- fits precisely into the Lord's plan (v10).

He turns His people from sin to rightness (v11).

And leads them to consummate victory! (v12).



His purpose: lay down His life for His sheep (John10.15).

He accomplished the work given Him - & is satisfied (Jn17.4 / 19.30).

He IS the Arm of the Lord! His Life Fulfills this Passage -- Jn12.37-41.

1Peter2.24&25 "By His wounds you have been healed."


Ultimate Glory

Once barren, desolate, childless, shamed, deserted, grieved, widowed (54.1-6).

Sing, shout, build, don't hold back, spread out - be brave & confident!

Basis of confidence? Our God has compassion, eternal love & covenant peace (7-10).


Our Security is in Him! (54.17) / Are YOU IN Him? (Rom10.15-17)


notes by David Teel Monday, November 10, 2014