Jesus Writes the Churches

The Lord Writes the Churches Rev2-3


Writer 1.12-20

each aspect of His nature reflected in the intro of each letter


Churches of Asia (1.4)

Ax19.10 / a cross-section of churches having typical qualities


Form Letter

  • To the angel of the      church in _________ write:
  • The words of...
  • I know... (your works /      your experience / where you live)
  • (commendation / rebuke      / 'repent')
  • I will come...
  • To the one who      overcomes...
  • "He who has an ear, let      him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."


The Lord Knows His People! (2Tim2.19)

Obstacles / Problems

  1. Ephesus: false apostles & abandoned love      (not object, but fervency)
  2. Smyrna: (slanderous Jews (Ax21.27) & oppression      of the Devil)
  3. Pergamum: Satan's throne / compromising teaching      -- Balaam & Nicolas
  4. Thyatira: immoral prophetess      Jezebel
  5. Sardis: spiritually weak & even dead
  6. Philadelphia: synagogue of Satan -      Jews (Ax24.18)
  7. Laodicea: lukewarm -- poor, blind, and naked



  1. Test teaching &      reject what is false / Patient endurance
  2. Poor in this world, yet      rich in Me
  3. Firm in confession --      even to the point of death (Antipas / Ax6.9)
  4. Love, Faith, Service --      even more than at 1st
  5. A few have not soiled      their garments
  6. Enough strength to keep      my word & name
  7. (Those whom I love...)


Expected Response

  1. Return to 1st     Love & the works done at 1st
  2. Be faithful / loyal      thru this persecution
  3. Put out the      compromising teaching
  4. Cleanse out the      tolerance of immorality
  5. Awake, be alive,      complete your works
  6. Hold tightly to your      faith & endurance
  7. Be enriched, clothed, healed      by Jesus


To the One Who Overcomes...

eat of the tree of life / not hurt by the 2nd death / hidden manna, white stone, new name / authority over the nations / clothed in white robes / pillar in temple of God / sit with Me on My throne!


notes by David Teel Tuesday, November 04, 2014