Keep Yourself from Idols

Keep Yourself from Idols                          "My little children..." (1Jn5.21)


Preface to Moses' 2ndLaw: Beware false gods (Lev19.4 / 26.1 / Dt4.15-24).


Basic Commands

1st: exclusive God -- no other at all = any and all other gods forbidden. (Dt5.7)

2nd: honor Him w/o images -- none of any kind = artificial visualization. (vs8-10)

3rd: keep His name holy -- never mis-used = irreverence or false teaching. (v11)


Idol Words

Hebrew hahvel (16x) = vapor, mist, vanities (1Kgs16.13 / 2Kgs17.15)

Hebrew shiqquts (28x) = abomination, detested thing (Dt29.17 / Hos9.10)

Hebrew gillul (48x) = dung pellets, impurity (Lev26.30 / 1Kgs15.12)

Greek eidolon (11x) = un-real, un-substantial, imagination (Ax15.20 / Rev9.20)


Sin of Syncretism

Attraction of addition -- we think more / new elements make us more religious.

Attempt at serving Yahweh and other gods (2Kgs17.29-33, 41) -- not true religion.

Adultery Spiritual: cheating on Yahweh by joining with false gods (Hosea / Jas4.4).


Idols of Our Time

Science -- explains & guides all things: nature, origins, health, & universe.

Humanity -- great men & their ideas make great periods of history / society.

Business -- economic growth, cash-flow, mega-corporations, massive enterprise.

Government -- source of deliverance, security, welfare, beneficial policy & law.


"For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God." (Eph 5:5)


The God of Self

Satan's Big Lie: "You will be like God" (Gen3.5) Look out for 'number 1.'

Governing Life: what I like, how I feel, what I want. (Unholy trinity: me, myself, & I)

Ruling Religion: what's in it for me? My god (religion) is what I want it to be.


Why Idolatry is Wrong

False Concept of God -- and vain imagination steals true Deity away from us.

Destroys True Doctrine -- no foundation for truth as defined by God's Word.

Distorts the mind and life -- worshippers become like their idols -- empty & corrupt.


The Incomparable Yahweh

There is absolutely None like Yahweh. He has No equal (Isa46.5-10).

Human gods are pathetic teetering shells of bad art & their worshipers are like them.

Only the true God can lift up His people -- "on eagle's wings" (Isa40.27-31)!


True religion is found in being tired of self & becoming filled with God.


notes by David Teel Monday, December 01, 2014