The Truth about Christmas

The Truth About Christmas


The celebration of Christmas

Evergreen trees decorated. Carols sung. Gifts exchanged. Enjoyed by billions.

Unites Christendom - & most of mankind - all around the world.

General spirit of love and good cheer - a blessing to society everywhere.


Christ IS Born!

In the fullness of time... Gal4.4&5 The God-Man, born to redeem.

Of Mary in Bethlehem / announced by angels / witnessed by shepherd - Lk2.7f

Great is the Mystery of Godliness -- 1Tim3.16 "... manifest in the flesh."


"Io Saturnalia"

17 Dec: festival of frivolity and indulgence, social norms reversed.

23Dec: gift-giving of all sorts from rich to simple accompanied by verses or poems.

25Dec: resurrection / birthday of the unconquerable sun: "Sol Invicta."


Predates Jesus: Temple of Saturn dedicated in the Roman forum in 497BC.

 (No accounting for the source and meaning of myriads of trivial traditions.)


The origins of Christmas

Ordered by Bishop Liberius in 354 AD. Where does it appear in Scripture?

"Mass" = eucharistic service (Latin missa = to send out / dismiss).

Catholic Policy of Syncretism: incorporate practices of 'converted' pagan world.


Counter-Point in history

Reading their own English versions, discovered not in Scripture.

Puritans in England (1642) & later Mass. (1669) outlawed Christmas as witchcraft.

"The reason for the season" & "Put Christ back in Xmas" are modern campaigns.


A Non-Holiday (holy day)

If asked, "Do you observe Christmas?" I say, "Not as the birth of Christ."

Personal judgment on which of the traditional elements can be participated in.

Care taken not to promote false concept that this season is scriptural.


Worship in Spirit & Truth Jn4.24

The only way for believers to approach Him: He IS Lord (Lk6.46)!

Can we worship God by heathen customs He forbids? (Jer7.18 / 10.2-4).

Let us worship the Lord in spirit & truth - from the heart as He prescribes.


How Do We Honor Him?

Yes, Jesus was born! - to Die for our sins: Heb2.9.

His Great Work: Anointed to purchase our redemption -- Heb 9.12&14.

Memorial: Lord's Supper (1Cor11.24&25) "Do this in remembrance of Me."


notes by David Teel Wednesday, December 10, 2014