Reading God's Word

Reading God's Word



Power in

In all creation: "upholding all things by His powerful word." (Heb1.3)

Angels speak: "No word from God shall be void of power." (Lk1.37 ASV)

Apostles operate in "word of truth -- power of God." (2Cor6.7)


Public Reading

Moses and Joshua read the Covenant (Ex24.3,4&7 / Josh8.32-35)

Provisions for public reading every 7th year -- for children (Dt31.10-13)

Josiah's restoration hinged on reading the Book of Cov (2Kgs23.1-3)

Jeremiah's message read by secretary Baruch in temple (Jer36.4-8)

Post-Captivity restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah (Neh8.1-8 / v18 / 9.3)


Readingin Assembly

Jews read the law in synagogue (Ax13.15,27 / 15.21,31)

Timothy urged to pay attention to (1Tim4.13)

Letters to churches read aloud (Eph3.4 / Col4.16 / 1Th5.27 / Rev1.3)


Private Reading

Leader his own copy reads daily (Dt17.18-20)

Daniel read to understand (Dan9.2 < Jer25.11&12)

Ethiopian on his way back home (Ax8.28,30,32)


Jesus expected Reading

"Have you not read...?" 6X: (Mt12.3,5 / 19.4 / 21.16, 42 / 22.31)

"You search the them eternal life" (Jn5.39, 45-47)

And for readers to understand (Lk10.26). "How DO YOU read it?"


How to Read

Daily - at set time and place

Thoughtfully - w/o distraction

Prayerfully - for understanding


Our Plan

Chronologically, as events unfold

All Together -- on the same page

Follow-up Lessons / Discussions


Results of

The message of God is at work in those who believe (1Thess2.13)

Makes one wise unto salvation thru faith in Christ Jesus (2Tim3.15-17)

Eternal seed gives birth to children of God (1Pet1.23-25 / 2.2-3)


notes by David Teel Tuesday, December 09, 2014