All Things New

All Things New


The attraction of "New and Improved:" we're all looking for something new.


New Impossible

No real self-improvement. We are all stuck in a rut, unable to get out.

There is 'nothing new under the sun' (Eccl1.9). Life is stubbornly old.

"Things impossible with men are possible with God!" (Lk18.27)


New Teaching

Jesus didn't teach like the scribes. His manner was different - with authority (Mk1.27)

The Content of Jesus message was also different, like new wine (Lk5.36-39)

When Paul presented Jesus to the Atheneans, they heard something new (Ax17.19,21)


New Covenant

An ancient plan. The eternal 'before the ages' gospel (Rev14.6 / 2Tim1.9)

Replaced the 1st Covenant with a better way (Heb8.8,13), making 1st obsolete.

The New and Living Way: Jesus opened the way into Presence (Heb10.20)!


New Creation

Old enemies made friends by the One Savior and His cross (Eph2.15)

Put off the old self (Eph4.17-19) and put on the new (vs22-24)

Our old ways of view life have been transformed (2Cor5.17)


New Birth

A spiritual rebirth required of all who would enter the kingdom (Jn3.3,5)

He is the 'God of Second Chances:" David, Jonah, Peter, John Mark.

Requires repentance (Lk13.3) and radical indoctrination (Eph4.20&21).


New Limits

Must leave old ways behind (Col3.9,10) & old hurts (vs11-13)

Must reconcile & earn the respect of those we've hurt (Rom16.17)

Time (Heb9.27) and patience are running out (Rom1.26,28 / Lk16.24,25,28)


New Commandment

God has always expected His creation to love (Lev19.18)

Yet, mankind has been a long time learning this. Apparently, we can't figure it out.

Jesus shows the way (Jn13.34 / 2Jn5). Now, we have a Teacher and Mentor.


New Habitation

New heaven and earth are coming (Isa65.17 > 2Pet3.13)

Given a new name (Rev2.17) and sing a new song (Rev5.9 / 14.3)

God will one day start all over: "Make all things new!" (Rev21.1,5)


notes by David Teel Saturday, January 03, 2015