Stay Focused

Stay Focused (on the race)                                            Philippians 3


Bryan Clay 2008 Olympic Decathlon Gold. When he know? "Won at the finish line."


Our Competitive Faith

Finish my course (Jesus! Lk13.32 / & Paul: Ax20.24)

Only One Gold Metal, so Run to Win! (1Cor9.24)

Other Olympic Events: We wrestle (Eph6.12) / fight the good fight (1Tim6.12)

"Press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call in Christ Jesus!" Phil3.12-14


1. Never Satisfied

"I have Not Attained." (3.13a)

Paul discounted his pedigree (vs4-8)

Entirely New Goal: 'to know Jesus' (vs9&10)

Spiritual satisfaction signals the end of growth -- and the death of the saint.

Yes, we are confident in grace (God's part), but Pressing On (our part).


2. Singular Purpose

 "One thing I do." (v13b)

Driven to this one chosen purpose.

Test: Will this help me know Jesus? No -- discarded. Yes -- embraced.

Jesus: "seek and save the lost" (Lk19.10)

Luke10.38-42Martha, gracious host, distracted / Mary chose 1 needful thing.

Do I have a Single Purpose? (name it!)

F-O-C-U-S: "Follow One Course Until Successful."


3. Forget the Past

"Forgetting what lies behind." (v13c)

Remember: the Lord, God's word, who you are.

Yes, we learn from our mistakes. Then, we must move on.

1)      Sin and Guilt Washed Away (Ax22.16 / 1Tim1.15,16)

2)      Past Achievements Left Behind (Phil3.7)

3)      Injuries, insults. Like sprains - we can 'nurse them' too long. (2Tim4.11)


4. Stretch Forward

"Straining forward to what lies ahead. I Press On..." (v13d & 14)

Get Active / Stay Active: train, exercise, practice, improve.

Winning Requires Discipline! (1Cor9.25-27)

Outline steps to grow in Christ: read, study, learn, talk, do, teach, reach out.

Prize worth it all. To obtain, to acquire. Satisfaction in realizing the goal.


Reach the Prize!

Keep running -- on course laid out before us -- until cross the line (Heb12.1&2a)

Almost there, Paul wrote, "I have finished the race." (2Tim4.7)

To win the crown, I must stay focused.


thanks to Zack Lee for this lesson 28Dec2014