God's Name is YHWH

God's Name is YHWH


Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; his name is YHWH; exult before him!  (Psa 68:4)


His Chosen Name

  • God reveals Himself to Moses as YHWH: Ex3:13-16.
  • He later expounds that this is a new name,      previously unknown (Ex6:3).
  • God made special revelation of Himself to Israel      (Ex33:19 / 34:5).


Meaning of the Name

  • "I AM WHO I AM" / "I AM" (Ex3:14): Eternal, Self-Existent One >> Creator.
  • Complex & Wonderful Personality - Revealing      Himself to Moses: Ex34:5-8.
  • Alpha & Omega: Who IS, WAS, IS to Come      (Rev1:8, 17, 18a) / John8:58.


The Law of Moses -- From Yahweh

  • The First Three Commands: Yahweh Your God --      You'll have No other / Make No image of Him / Respect His Name, use it      right. (Ex20:1-7 / Dt5:6-11).
  • Blessing pronounced over the people: "Yahweh...      give you peace." So, "Put my name upon the people..." (Num6:22-27).
  • Yahweh alone is God, there is no other (though      men worship them) -- Deut4:32-40.


"If you are not careful to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that you may fear this glorious and awesome name: Yahweh your God." (Deut28:58)


Frequency of Occurrence

  • YHWH ('tretragrammaton') appears 6521X in OT (Plus      other forms -- total: 6,823).
  • Does not appear in Ruth or Eccl. -- but these      books are unique in their type of literature.
  • By comparison, Elohim (God) occurs 2247X, Adonai      (Lord) only 9X for God.


The Name in a Seal

  • Name, Title, Jurisdiction: Abraham Lincoln,      President, United States.
  • Elohim (God) & Adonai (Lord)      are TITLES. El Shaddai (Almighty) is a Descriptive.
  • The Divine Seal: Yahweh,      Creator, Heaven & Earth. YHWH is His NAME.


Note: We don't translate Names, we transliterate them and vocalize them as given (best we can).


"I AM Yahweh"

  • Throughout Leviticus,      God insists the people be "holy" because He is (11:45).
  • This requirement reduces to one declarative: "I      Am Yahweh" (19:14, 16, 18, 30, 37).
  • Simply to say, "You are a special people because      I, Yaweh, am your god."


What This Means

1)      Know Him: By His very own Self-declaration. He wants us to understand Who He Is! (Isa52:6 / Jer16:21 / Jer31:31-32 >> Heb8:11).

2)      Praise Him: Lifting heart & voice in clear 'shining' sound to Him: "AlleluYah!" (Psa148 / Rev19:1-10).

3)      Live for Him: Yahweh is our God and we are His special people. He is All that makes us special, IF we live like Him. (2Cor6:14-7:1 / 1Peter1:13-25 / 2Peter1:3,4).


The One, Only, True, Self-Existent, Eternal, Living God is My God. Who is Yours?



Notes by David Teel Saturday, February 25, 2012