The Grace of God and Man

The Grace of God & Man


"Grace" derives from the Greek, charis. In secular Greek, charis was related to chairo, "to rejoice." As far back as Homer it denoted "sweetness" or "attractiveness." It came to signify "favor," "goodwill," and "lovingkindness" (Lk1.30 / 2.52 / 6.32-34). WJackson



Jesus Came with Grace

Jn1.14 'the Word dwelt among us -- glory -- full of grace and truth'

Jn1.16 'we have received his fullness, grace on grace'

Jn1.17 'law through Moses; grace and truth through Jesus Christ'


Justified by Grace

Rom3.24 'justified by His grace as a gift thru redemption in Christ'

Rom5.15&17 'free gift by the grace of that one man, Jesus Christ'

Rom11.5,6 'there is a remnant chosen by grace -- not basis of works'


Salvation by Grace

Eph1.7 'redemption / forgiveness -- according to the riches of His grace'

Eph2.5 'dead in trespasses -- made us alive -- by grace you have been saved'

Eph2.8 'by grace -- saved through faith -- not of own doing - the gift of God'


Falling from Grace

2Cor6.1 'we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain'

Gal2.21 / 5.4 'nullify the grace of God -- severed from Christ -- fallen from grace'

Heb12.14&15 'holiness, without which - fails to obtain the grace of God'


Grace Constrained by Holiness

Acts11.23 'saw the grace of God - remain faithful with steadfast purpose'

Rom6.1,14,15 'continue in sin that grace abound? / sin no dominion under grace'

Jude4 'ungodly people pervert the grace of God into sensuality - & deny Jesus'


Different Measures of Grace

Rom12.3,6 / (15.5) 'gifts differ -- according to the grace given to us'

Eph3.2,7,8 / 4.7 'stewardship of God's grace / a measure of Christ's gift'

1Pet4.10,11 'As each has received a gift -- use it -- God's varied grace'


Grace in Human Response

1Cor15.10 'by the grace of God -- not in vain -- I worked harder'

2Cor1.12 'we behaved with simplicity & godly sincerity -- by the grace of God'

2Cor8.1,6,7 'the grace of God among the churches -- excel in this grace also'



Grace: Divine virtue, extended in favor, to restore & revive goodness in us.

2Cor8.9 'the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: that you might become rich'



notes by David Teel Tuesday, March 03, 2015