The Risen Savior

The Risen Savior


Mary stood tombside, weeping. A man appears, questioning her. Jn20.11-18


Jesus Taught Resurrection

The just will be rewarded when they are raised (Lk14.4)

Children of the Resurrection are equally sons of God (Lk20.34-36)

His voice will raise all the dead -- to life or to judgment (Jn5.28.29)


Jesus Raised the Dead

"Go Tell John..." -- Mt11.5 / Lk7.22

Widow of Nain's son (Lk7.14&15) & Raising Jairus' girl (Lk8.54)

Lazarus: Jn11 the great sign before His own (Jn12.1,9,17)



As He said He would (Mt16.21 / 17.23 / 20.19)

Crucified (most certainly & awfully died) and was buried....

On the third day... the tomb empty: He is Risen -- "Rabboni!"


This is The Gospel

As the witnesses proclaimed it (Acts2.24,32 / 3.15 / 4.10 / 5.30)

This IS the Good News (1Cor15.1-8): Christ died, was buried, arose, & was seen.

No gospel without resurrection. We are a 'resurrection people.'


"...who through him are believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God." (1Pet 1:21 ESV)


To New Life

Why risen? Proven Divine (Rom1.4) with power over death (Heb2.14)

How long? New life -- eternal - unto God (Rom6.9,10)

What's next? Exalted -- as Head over all (Acts5.31 / Eph1.19&20)


How Resurrection Works

We mortals must die (Heb9.27). The body is corruptible.

Spirit -- safe in God's keeping (Lk20.38) - returns to the body (Lk8.55).

At final Res: Body is transformed (1Cor15.35...) - bound for glory.


Central to Our Salvation

"Raised for our Justification" (Rom4.25 / 1Pet3.21)

Meaning of Baptism -- in His likeness (Rom6.4 / Col2.12)

The same Spirit give us Power to Live Right (Rom8.11)


"Do not cling to Me... But, GO to my brothers..."

 Mary announced..."I have seen the Lord!"  (Jn20.17&18)



notes by David Teel Wednesday, April 01, 2015