A Royal Lesson

Lesson Fit for a King -- 1Samuel15

Saul, King of Israel, is taught a valuable lesson -- the hard way.


Prophet Commissions King (vs1-3)

Divinely Anointed King

Nomadic harassment (Ex17.8-16 / Dt25.17-19 / 1Sam14.48)

Time for Judgment. To deliver - as promised.


Spotty Performance (vs4-9)

Mercy extended to friends, the Kenites

Severity on Enemies -- as LORD said, but...

Sparing the Spoils: king for display, animals for stock


Deluded King (vs10-13)

Yahweh gives Samuel bad news

Parade & Monument to King's Pride

He boasts: "Mission Accomplished"


Fact Finding Interview (vs14-19)

Oxen & Sheep testify (honest animals)

People VS King's will (the blame game)

King failed to lead -- & failed the mission


What The LORD Wants (vs20-23)

Saul: "I can do better!" - mission plus sacrifice

Real Obedience: listen, learn, know > then do

Stubborn Rebellion is Rejected like Idolatry


Pleading Forgiveness (vs24-26)

Kings sees his true position: "Yes, I failed."

Begs for pardon & favor -- the right thing to do

Pardon may be given, but favor? - reserved


Kingdom Torn (vs27-31)

Prophet's robe ripped -- a fitting demonstration

Divine Decision Determined (even if delayed)

The Un-Changing God is the Strength of His people


Divine Justice Met (vs32-35)

Soft on Sin -- a bad reputation

Aged Prophet does the King's Job

Kingdom w/o spiritual leadership is Lost.


Saul can teach us. May we learn his lesson. Listen to the LORD.


notes by David Teel Monday, April 13, 2015