Not About Men

It's Not About Men

"...that you may learn by us not to go beyond what is written."(1Cor4.6)


Some in Corinth held allegiance for a man above God's word.

Diagnosis: Preacheritis - inflamed interest in & loyalty to a preacher.


Cure for this Illness: 1Corinthians

  • Don't divide over favoritism toward men > 1.10-16
  • The Power of God to save is the Gospel > 1.17      / 2.1-5
  • Spiritual people are not naturally minded >      2.14-3.4
  • Preachers are simply servants of God > 3.5-9,      21 / 4.1
  • The LORD God is judge / commendation His > 4.2-5


Many Affairs with Men

Israel fell away when Joshua & his generation was gone (Judges2.7&10).

Elders asked for a king, yet he led them astray. See Saul (1Sam8.4&5).

Absalom gathered a following and undermined David as King (2Sam15.6).


"So let no one boast in men." (1Cor3:21)


The Lord Sees Differently

God is not impressed with the personage of men (1Sam16.17).

While men loves lies, the LORD loves the godly (Psa4.2,3).

What men highly esteem, the LORD despises (Lk16.15).


The Wrong Q: "Who's Right?"

It's not about Who's right, but What is Right.

Truth is defined by the will of God - revealed in Scripture (1Cor4.6).

And truth is greater than any one of us (1Pet1.22-25).


Influence for Good?

IF a man does any good, it must be from the LORD (1Cor1.29-31).

Peter was swayed by brothers & pulled other away (Gal2.12&13).

We are only good when we stand with the Lord (see 1Kgs22.8).


Honor those Worthy

Good & Faithful men have godly zeal (2Cor11.2&3).

Some risk their lives in approved service (Phil2.29).

Esteem highly those who labor well (1Thes5.12&13).


Who is on the Lord's Side? (Ex32.26)

Not personality / popularity / tradition / history / status quo / our past.

Our Alignment with the Lord & His Word determines our destiny (Mt12.30).

Ask myself the Q: Who is on the Lord's Side? Answer: "Master, Here am I."


notes by David Teel Monday, April 20, 2015