Only Say the Word

Only Say the Word



1 Came Forward, Appealing

looking for & found Jesus -- a determined, godly soldier

imploration, begging help -- willing to bow down on behalf of another


2 Servant Suffering

mighty yet sensitive man / tough guy still feels -- as for a son

hurt at servant hurting / bedridden paralytic has his sympathies


3 I will Come & Heal

Lord offers to travel to him / Master stands ready -- instantly -- to serve

& attend to, wait upon, serve (Gk) him > in order to make well


4 I am Not Worthy

comparative measure (Gk): 'competent, sufficient, enough as good as you'

recognition of greatness - humility in presence of One greater


5 Under My Roof

hospitality would be given -- but taint the Jew in Gentile home

aware of their cultural differences -- even opposites & animosities


6 Only Say the Word

express your thought / desire -- give voice, expression to your will

You have power to command & it be done / to cure my sick servant


7 Man Under Authority

in submission to higher power, I do as I'm told to do

& those under me do as I say - solders & servants (except this one)


8 Not Found Such Faith

Jesus notices, perceives those around Him -- He is looking for faith

large persuasion, assurance in God, present in this Gentile Centurion


9 Recline with Abraham

the sons of the realm of God should be enjoying fellowship with Patriarch

yet believers will come from distant lands to share in God's kingdom


10 Done as You Believed

depart, go home in peace / at ease -  be assured your request is granted

you trust in Me, so I grant your request (& servant healed exactly then)


Q: Do I have such faith in the Power of Jesus? Will I obey what He says?


notes by David Teel Tuesday, April 28, 2015