Unity of the Church at Work

Unity of the Church at Work

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psa 133.1)


United by Divine Design

united by grace -- all children of God (Eph2.14,18)

nature of His disciples, who follow Him (Jn17.20,21)

His truth & purpose hold us together (Eph4.3,4)


Nature of True Unity

Not absence of conflict - but presence of harmony (US & Russia)

Requires a substantial foundation: in doctrine & practice (Amos3.3)

Joined in spiritual activity - doing the Lord's will together (Phil1.27)


United by the Same Rule

brothers of the same mind and judgment (1Cor1.10)

Taught everywhere in every church (1Cor4.17)

growing to spiritual maturity in Christ (Eph4.12-16)


United when Working Together

Oneness disturbed by tension, strengthened by service (Ax6.1-7)

Sent to spread the gospel, returned to report (Ax13.2&3 > 14.26&27)

Winning the wayward -- joined to correct & restore (1Cor5.4&5 / 2Cor2.6-8)


Three Levels of Unity

acceptance -- acquiescing to strong leadership - going along to get along

agreement -- like belief, in mind - but not heart, w/o commitment

alignment -  common vision and effort - working together toward same goal


The Hard Work of Unity

honest, open discussion / careful study / earnest prayer (see1Cor1.10)

not majoring in minors - keep the main thing the 'main thing'

self-abasing humility (Phil2.1-5) & other-exalting service (Rom15.1-7)


Fellowship with the Lord & His people

Basis: knowing the Father & the Son (1Jn1.3)

Continuance: Walking in the light (v6&7)

Fellowship is unity on a spiritual (1Cor6.17) & practical level (Phil1.5)


Ultimate Unity

with God -- Father, Son & Spirit (Rev7.9&10)

all the saints & angels (Rev7.11)

for eternity serving Him (Rev7.14&15)


Unity starts by being united with Christ (Rom6.5).


notes by David Teel Sunday, May 10, 2015