Solomons Prayer

Solomon's Prayer                   & the LORD's Response        2Chronicles


A Personal Request

1.1  Established as king -- because the LORD made him great.

1.2-6 Gathering to worship in Gibeon -- 1000 burnt offerings.

1.7 God invites a request, "Ask." / Mmmm... What to ask for?

1.8-10 Solomon -- thankful & humble - asks for 'understanding.'

1.11&12 God: "Done." Plus, riches and honor.

(Note from 1Kgs3.14: ...and long life, IF you walk in My ways.)


About the Times

480 years from exodus (1445BC), the temple begun: 970-4=966BC (1Kgs6.1)

started in 4th year of Solomon's reign / 7 years in building / finished 959BC

his own royal palace and buildings (many&grand) required 13 years to build


Building the temple

2       procuring material, skilled craftsmen, and labor

3       location and dimensions of God's house / stone, wood, gold

4       fixtures and furnishings: altar, basin, lamp-stands, vessels

5       treasury brought in -- and the ark of the covenant


Opening Ceremonies

5.2-5 ark -- kept by David in a special tent - brought into temple

5.6 sacrificial offerings -- of sheep & oxen -- beyond number

5.12-13a Levitical singers sang & played music -- in praise to LORD

5.13b-14 >> Divine Glory filled the God's house!

6.1-11 Praise to God - offered toward the people -- impressing His glory


Solomon's Great Prayer

6.12&13 on raised platform, kneeling, hands raised to heaven,

6.14-17 offers praise, thanks, petition, & intercession.

6.18-21 House for your name, but You cannot be contained in it.

You live in heaven -- the elevated, exalted realms...

Yet you hear the plea of your servants -- and attend their needs.

6.24-31 When we sin, You curse. IF we repent & pray, please hear & forgive.


The LORD's Answer

7.1 Fire fell to consume the offerings, and glory filled the temple!

7.2 ...priests compelled to quit serving.

7.3 ...people bow in reverence and praise Him.

7.12 "I have heard / and chosen this place.

7.14 IF my people... humble, pray, seek Me, repent... I will hear, forgive, & heal.

7.17 IF you will keep my rules, then I will establish your rule.

7.19 IF you forsake Me, I will cast you out, & desecrate this house."


notes by David Teel Thursday, May 28, 2015