The Young Prophet

The Young Prophet                                                      1Kings13


Jeroboam's Religion (1Kgs12b)

  • position:      king -- established reign over northern tribes of Israel (v20)
  • motivation:      fear -- of losing the kingdom, even his life (vs26&27)
  • design:      his own heart -- as learned in Egypt & he innovated      (vs28,33)


verses 1-10

  • man of      God (15x): 'ish elohim' = divine person, holy man
  • traveled      from Judah to Bethel, with a      message for the altar & king
  • Jeroboam      officiating as high priest at his own altar
  • prophecy      of Josiah, 340 years before hand -- proven to be true
  • word      of the LORD (7x) -- the message of Yahweh, the true God
  • signs      accompanying: split altar, lame arm healed, Josiah coming
  • invitation      to a reward - become hired priest of Jeroboam
  • peculiar      condition: return another way / accept no meal or water


verse 11-19

  • the      old prophet (perhaps faltering, struggling under new regime)
  • his      sons were at Jeroboam's feast (to participate or observe?)
  • curious      about the messenger's work -- seeking closer acquaintance
  • invites      him to his house (thru deceit) -- against the younger's protest
  • an      angel? updated revelation or a demonic temptation (2Cor11.14)
  • the      younger permits himself to be persuaded by the older
  • he      returns, eats, and drinks -- directly violating each earlier order


verse 20-25

  • word      of the LORD -- in judgment, agrees with previous revelation
  • untimely      death  / without home burial / in abnormal      manner
  • well      fed & given a donkey to ride, in style -- on his way to die
  • thrown      down by a lion, who did not eat him or disturb his ride!
  • another      sign: as foretold, lion in most un-usual behavior -- God's work


verse 26-34

  • divine      will recognized in judgment -- why not sooner? more often?
  • honor      the fallen brother -- his great work in denouncing false religion
  • favor      to young hero -- bury me beside him; his word will come true
  • no effect      on Jeroboam, despite all these signs, hardened in his religion
  • later      Josiah burns bones on this altar & honors the man of God      (2Kgs23.15-18)



Be a man (person) of God;   accept your commission and fulfill it.


Respect the LORD's every   word; keep it to the 't' - unaltered.


Beware the temptation of   'later-day revelation' (Gal1.8).


Trust the Lord who confirms   his word; He will keep His promises!



notes by David Teel Saturday, June 13, 2015