Victory In Jesus

Victory in Jesus


"I heard an old, old story..."


Reward Promised to Victors: Rev3.20-22

There must be a mighty struggle -- and a great price to pay

"There are no victories at discount prices." -- Gen Dwight Eisenhower


Nature of Our Conflict

Spiritual battle in the heavenly realms: Eph6.12

The only appropriate dress on the battlefield: the armor of God -- v13-18


Overcoming Temptation

In every enticement to sin, He firmly stood on Scripture: Lk4.1-13

His own conflict with sin > to the point of blood! (Heb12.4)


"Success is to be measured -- not so much by the position that one has reached in life as -- by the obstacles which he has overcome while succeeding." -- Booker T Washington


Jesus VS the Evil One

There is One Stronger than the 'strong man:' Lk11.14-23

Not 'fire with fire' - but overcoming evil with good (Rom12.21)


Restless Adversary

Presently at work in the 'sons of disobedience:' Eph2.2 / 5.6

Prowls about ready to pounce on his next meal (1Pet5.8,9)


"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." -- Wendell Phillips


The Power of Love

Our redemption completely secured by the Love of God: Rom8.31-37

We also must love Jesus and be loyal to the death: Rev12.10&11


Overcome the World

Jesus has and promises his followers the victory: Jn16.33

Our Secret Weapon -- Faith in Jesus (1Jn5.1-5)


"Move forward in the victory of His grace and forgiveness." -- Joyce Myers


The White Rider

Jesus rides upon the battle scene with Prevailing Force: Rev19.11-13

With the Invincible King: a grand army of victors: vs14-16


Are you safe in Jesus? your victory secure?


notes by David Teel Saturday, June 20, 2015