Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ                                                         Luke4.18


July 4: Independence Day - celebrating the birth of a nation - living in freedom


A Brief History Lesson

1620-Mayflower Compact: 'for glorie of God & advancement of christian faith.'

1700-Spiritual Decline: pursuit of land & riches lead next generations astray.

1734-Great Awakening: preaching brought nation back to God & freedom.


Liberty in Scripture

Declared in Jewish lands: the year of Jubilee (Lev25.10)

Freedom un-granted: cause of the captivity of Israel (Jer34.15-17)

Prisoner of Rome, Paul granted ease of movement (Ax24.23 / 27.3)


Truth about Freedom

We are 'free' to not work - & free to not eat (2Thess3.10).

Free to live wantonly - and 'enjoy' the harvest of evil (Gal6.7).

There are rules we must live by IF we are going to be free - Jas1.25 / 2.12.


Freedom in Jesus


Jesus frees us from...illness / doubt / ignorance / prejudice / guilt / death.


Freedom from Guilt

Rev1.5 We are loosed from our sins, set free in Christ.


Freedom from the Law

Gal2.4 / 5.1 We are not bound by rules of Mosaic Law, which cannot save.


Freedom from Ignorance

John8.21&32 / Psa119.45 God's word, the truth, liberates the mind.


Freedom from Sin

2Pet2.19 If we are overcome by sin, we are its slaves.

Rom8.1-6 We can live in righteousness, by power of Spirit-lead mind.


Freedom to Choose

1Tim4.4&5 / Rom14.13

We can do things not condemned, if they do not condemn us.


Freedom from Corruption

Rom8.18-21 We die as captives to sin & whole world subject to corruption.

Glorious Liberty is Coming.


"Proclaim good news... liberty to the captives... to set at liberty!" (Lk4.18)


notes by David Teel Sunday, July 05, 2015