Set Your Affection

Set Your Affection


If you then are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sits

 on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. (Colossians 3:1-2 KJV)


Words of Affection

seek (zeteo) = desire, inquire, endeavor (Lk2.45 / Mt12.46).

affection (phroneo) = set interest, be inclined, disposed toward (Phil1.7 / 4.10).

A state of mind, governed by principles and set values.


The Nature of Affection

Not emotion, which can support or conflict with convictions.

Mind focused & the will determined - to achieve its goal (Mt13.45).

Based on conviction of truth; heart set on what is right & good.


The Power of Affections

They steer and guide us - as the mind of Christ (Phil2.4&5).

Can lead us astray - as mind of unbelievers do (Phil3.18&19).

God sets boundaries on / Instructs us to properly set (Col3.2).


What NOT to Set Affection On

  • Self -      to think of self too highly (Rom12.3&16)
  • Pre-eminence      - approval / praises of men (Jn12.42-43)
  • Money      - power to purchase things or favor (1Tim6.9,10)
  • Earthly      Principles - natural human thinking (Col2.8 & 20 / 3.2)
  • Pleasure      - root of carnal desire (Rom8.5 / Col3.5-9)


What TO Set Affection On

  • God -      seek the Holy & Eternal One (Mt22.37 / Jn5.42)
  • Jesus      - the Christ, the Son of God (Lk19.3 / Jn12.21 / Phil3.8)
  • Word      of God - His mind in writing (Psa119.97 / 2Tim3.15-17)
  • Church      - the group of the saved (Eph5.25-27 / Phil1.8 & 2.1 / 2Cor7.15)
  • The      Lost - for whom Christ died & still seeks (Lk15.5 / 19.10 / 2Pet3.9)


They found him and said, "Everyone is looking for You." (Mark 1:37)


The Right Basis for Affection

Raised with Christ. Once dead in sin, now living in Him (Col2.11-13).

Substance belongs to Christ. True principles to build on (Col2.17-19).

Alive in Christ. Real & Eternal life hidden only in Jesus (Col3.2-4).


So, SET your affection on high and noble things - & reach upward toward the goal!


notes by David Teel Saturday, July 04, 2015