Gospel Skandal

The Skandal of the Cross


Paul Coins a Phrase

1Cor1.23 a crucified Messiah is a skandal to Jews / & moronic to Greeks

Gal5.11 the skandal of the cross (can be mitigated by compromising teaching)

Greek noun skan'-dal-on = a trap stick (bentsapling), that is, snare

> an occasion of stumbling, offence, falling - 15x in NT

Greek verb: skan-dal-id'-zo = to tripup or to stumble, to offend - 28x in NT

In NT, to offend - to scandalize - is to cause to stumble, perhaps to fall.


The Lord Warns Against Skandal:

Persecution arises because of the word - and we are skandalized (Mt13.21)

Better drown in the sea than skandalize one of these little ones (Mt18.6)

and to self - remove the occasion of skandal from your body (Mt18.8,9)


Yet HE is a Skandal to Others

Such great wisdom from common man - They were offended in Him (Mt13.57)

Human tradition breaks God's commands - after they heard this saying (Mt15.12)

You all shall stumble because of Me tonight (Mt26.31) / Not Peter (v33)


Unwarranted Reaction

Blessed is the one who isn't skandalized over me - Mt11.6 (Psa69.9)

'a hard saying - who can listen?' > 'Does this offend you?' - Jn6.61

& preventable: so you should not stumble (Jn16.1) forewarned = forearmed


Stone of Stumbling (Petra Skandalon)

Psa118.22 the builders reject the Stone the LORD chooses

Isa28.16 settled foundation stone, rock-steady and sure

Mt21.42 / 44 The same Person appointed build up & to tear down!


The Difference: Reaction

Jews are skandalized by this Stone of Stumbling (Rom9.32&33)

Unbelievers are ashamed (Psa25.2&3,20) / Believers are not (Rom10.11)

The sad response of those who reject Him - Rom11.9&10 (Psa69.22&23)

1Pet2.4-8 Stumble at the word: appointed to reject the Anointed


Defining Power (see 1Cor1.23)

Jews: seek liberation from foreign oppression by conquering hero

Greeks: logic & reason determine the truth & validity of everything

God: demonstrating divine love & human sinfulness by crucifixion of Jesus


Yes, God delivers us from Sin by the Death of His Son on the Cross.


notes by David Teel Saturday, July 25, 2015