Christ of Colossians

The Christ of Colossians

Know this: real deliverance depends on knowing the real Jesus.


What Has God Done for Christians?

1.12 share in inheritance of saints

v13a delivered from darkness

v13b transferred into the kingdom of Son

v14 redeemed and forgiven.


Why Did Paul Write this Letter?

Paul's concern for his brothers: 2.1&4 / 2.8 / 2.16 / 2.18

The danger of believing in a false Christ is real: 2Cor11.1-4.

A faith in any false Christ spells doom for the soul!


Some Versions of False Christs

gnostic jesus: the body of a nazarene possessed by divine spirit only during life

'jesus seminar': just a great man, his divinity imagined / fabricated by gospels

'new age': original Jesus enlightened as Buddha / now divine force in every one


Who IS the True Christ?

the Messiah Song: 1.15-20

  • Un-seeable      Deity Seen - exact impress of invisible divinity
  • Pre-eminent      over entire creation - ranking ahead of universe
  • Creator      of absolutely everything - all by & FOR Him
  • Previous      to all, holding all together - Origin & Maintainer
  • Leader      of the Assembly - Head over new creation
  • Principle      Raised One (1st in everything!) - Priority
  • Entire      Godhood lives in Him - complete divine nature
  • Reconciler      of the Universe - by His blood on cross.

2.9 Fullness of Deity in bodily form!


What Do We Have in Christ?

1.21&22 Reconciliation: once enemies - now friends

v23 Stay IN Him, as He truly is - not swayed

vs25&26 the once-mystery - now revealed, fully known (2.2)

v27 Christ IN You - the hope of glory! (as gospel tells - vs5&23)

v28 consummate perfection - for every saint & brother - in Christ.

2.10 Fullness, completeness, satisfaction


How Do We Get into Christ?

2.11 a spiritual circumcision - putting of the sinful flesh

2.12 bury old man and raise new man - in baptism

2.13 resurrected, forgiven, alive & whole! IN Christ.


notes by David Teel Thursday, July 16, 2015