Isaiahs Last Words

Isaiah's Last Word

so often furious in his rebukes, finally his tender heart exposed


Father God (63.16)

None of our ancestors knew us, though we remember them.

You, LORD, have always been there for us

Our Eternal Redeemer - our continually need ever supplied


We Wanderers (vs17-19)

Hardened in heart, w/o respect for You, we list away

Our time in blessing has been so short, and now our enemies rule

As if we never knew You, and You were never our King.


Judgment Time (64.1-5)

Tear the sky and rattle the earth; make the nations tremble

No God at all who takes action in history, as You do

Why? because we have erred and we need to be delivered.


Begging Pardon (vs6-9)

Our best effort at goodness is like a tattered garment

You are our Father and jar-maker; we are clay - mold us

Look in pity on your people, break & remake us all


LORD's View (65.1-5)

Strangers seek Me - and find Me first, before My people do

I've ask them to return - continually, but they have ignored Me

Your way to Me is blocked by a thousand idolatries


Servant's Joy (vs11-16)

When those with access, yet forsake true worship..

Those who seek Me will be rewarded with abundant joy

So blessed as to have acquired another name


New World(vs17-25)

Order so new - I start over afresh - the old is forever forgot

Sadness and tears banished; health & happiness remain in old age

All needs anticipated; harmony and peace in all My holy place


Holy Occupation (66.22&23): every inhabitant observing worship of the King.


notes by David Teel Tuesday, July 28, 2015