False Prophets

Jeremiah & False Prophets


The Year: 627-582BC / The Place: Jerusalem / The Man: Jeremiah = "Yah Exalts"


Times of False Prophecy

Wayward Religion: downhill after Josiah - Jehoahaz - Jehoiakim

Dangers Abound / Looming Enemies: Assyria / Egypt / Babylon

Difficult Environment to preach in: people want security, intolerant of rebuke.


Hananiah (ch28) = "Yah is Gracious."

The unpopluar message of Jeremiah: come under the yoke of Babylon (27.8-11)

Broke the yoke and promised deliverance in 2 years (28.1-4)

1st, a Reminder: The test of true prophet (vs5-11). Later, rebuke & (vs12-17)


Content of False Prophecy

Peace & Pleasantries, Lies, Vanities, Deceits - in God's name! (14.13-16)

Motive: What people want (23.16&17). Source: their own heart (23.23-32)

Constant false teaching is a burden to the LORD! (23.33-40)


Like People, Like Prophet

As society: given to greed, in love with security (6.13&14 / 8.10&11)

Their unfaithfulness poisons the whole land (23.10-15)

Together deceived by pleasing each other - & not the LORD (29.8,9)


True Prophets

Commissioned by God Himself (Jer1.4&5) and Humble before Him (v6)

Given message of truth (vs7-9) and Strength to Persist (v10 / 15.20)

Have Zeal to Speak Truth (20.9) / & never soften the message (27.9)

Rather Suffer for being trustworthy (11.21 / 20.1&2 / 37.15 / 38.6)

Their message does come to pass (25.11&12 / 28.6,9 / 29.10)


NT Warnings

Jesus: "Beware of False Teachers!" (Mt7.15 / 24.11)

As before, so they will now be among us (2Pet2.1-3)

Never taken for granted, but always tested (1Jn4.1)


Teaching only the truth is worthy of the LORD and will help those who hear.


notes by David Teel Saturday, August 15, 2015