Jesus and the Word

Jesus and the Word - Luke 4

From overcoming temptation to reasoning in the synagogue,

Jesus shows us His complete devotion to the word of God.


        The Scriptures are the word of God. Used for personal battle against evil, guiding purpose and meaning to life - teaching lessons to live by (18&21).


        Though written (4,8,12) -- still comes "from the mouth of God." (Mt4.4)


        Dating from 1500 (Dt) to 700 (Isa61.1&2) years prior - still true and valid. Not one mark falls short until all is fulfilled (Mt5.17&18).


        Good translation, like the Septuagint (LXX) -- the Greek OT written 3rdC BC - conveys the truth as originally given by the LORD.


        Every word / all of the Word of God is to be understood & properly applied. Modern setting does not negate it. Strong temptation due to severe circumstances (v2) does not excuse setting aside the word of God.


        When "the word of God dwells in you" - it controls your life. Not just general facts but specific applications. Note these:

1)     Rely on the LORD, not even food nor clothing (4 < Dt8.3)

2)     Honor "only" the LORD, not anyone else (8 < Dt6.13)

3)     Trust the LORD, over your own needs or wants (12 < Dt6.16)


        We should join others in the synagogue where we read and discuss the scriptures (16, 31, 44). It was Jesus' custom to do so. How 'bout yours?


        A man of God should be able to quote scripture accurately AND to apply it correctly. Ready and Able to locate & read it in public (17).


        Broad knowledge of the scripture is needed: from Moses to Isaiah, from Elijah (1Kings 17) to Naaman (2Kings 5). Real events have real value.


        We should first apply it to self (4,8,12), then preach it others (21,24, 31, 43, 44). Be aware that hard lessons often bring about harsh reactions (28). Truth is no respecter of feelings.


        Regardless of the response, Jesus was a faithful herald of the good news (43).


If the word of God had such a place in the life of Jesus, should it not also have the same place in our lives? Of course it should, but does it? It must be read, reread, learned, quoted, preached, and obeyed. Jesus did.


Thanks to Hugh DeLong for the article which lead to this lesson - DTeel.