Watchman on the Wall

The Watchman on the Wall 


A Duty to Perform - Ezek3.16-21

To warn the people (vs16&17)

The wicked -- to turn

The right -- to stay / not turn


A Price to Pay

Not to warn: guilty (v18)

Not to turn: die (v19)

Not to stay: die (v20)


Christ The Watchman (Isa62.6)

He came warning His people to repent (Mk1.14,15 / Lk13.34)

He died, rose, & ever lives to make intercession (Heb7.25)

We must listen to Him Who warns from heaven (Heb12.25)

He speaks thru apostles & spokesman of His word (Rev1.1 / 1Pet4.11)


Watchmen Today

Preachers of gospel (2Tim2.23-26)

Elders of church (Acts20.28-32 / Tit1.9)

Fathers of families (Eph6.4)

Brothers & friends (Jas5.19&20)


The Sword Comes - Ezek33.1-20

Watchman to Warn: blow the trumpet -- his duty. (vs1-3)

People to Turn: repent & be delivered -- their duty. (vs4-6)

A Spiritual Watchman for the People: to save life (vs7-9)


Hope for the Wicked

Need not flounder in guilt & condemnation (v10)

Master Yahweh wants us to repent and live (v11)

A reformed life counted as rightness (vs14-16)


Judged by Actions

Wicked past need not condemn, IF you turn. (v12)

Right past cannot save, IF abandon it. (v13)

Each one judged by present state before God. (17-20)


The Watchman as Entertainer (Ezek33.30-33)

When watchmen sound the warning, do we listen & prepare or

Are their words a sort of background noise or curious novelty?

Proper Response: Heed & Turn / Repent & Live / Listen & Do.


Notes by David Teel Monday, August 24, 2015