The Time is Now

The Time is Now                                                 2Cor6.2


Is it the right time...? Would later be a better time? What time IS it?


Prophetic Promise

Yahweh God promises in Isa49.8 timely promotion of the Messiah.

He would provide deliverance not only for Israel but all nations (v6).

The Son rules! Over all the nations (Psa2.8) - He is King most high!


Apostolic Application

Through Jesus Divine grace is revealed to all people (Lk4.18,19).

Paul proclaims fulfillment of God's promise: Age of Messiah here.

Paul applies this principle to our lives: Now is the time to be saved!


Today is the Day

God's work has brought this opportunity fully to the here & now.

"This your day" (Lk19.42). Do you know it? Another Day is coming (v43).

Today, enjoin sinners & brother alike to Hear His Voice (Heb3.7, 12-14).


Urgent Responders

Jerusalem believers were instant to know & obey the gospel: Acts2.37-41

Samaritans (8.12) & traveling Ethiopian compelled to obey (vs35-39)

Jailer of Philipi & his family respond "the same hour / at once" (16.30-34).


Answering Objections

"I want to do it right -- not half-way." Begin with a single step. (Mt8.22)

"I'm waiting for a better time." Exactly when is right time? (Ax24.25)

"I know what's right." Do intentions feed the hungry? (Jas2.14-17)

"I believe in God." And will mere faith save you? (Jas2.18,19 / 24, 26)


Responsibility of Knowledge

The purpose of the word of God: Jas1.22-25 Who is the blessed one?

As mirror not just for looking / 'window-shopping' w/o transaction.

Now that you know the truth, what will you DO about it?


Progress of Growth

Yesterday's Ignorance may be excused by grace (1Tim1.13)

Once knowing, Today's Disobedience is pure Rebellion! (Heb10.26)

Rightness is a progressive state -- maturing in Christ -- IF we grow.


Time for Action

This IS the season of grace. Atonement provided. Patience continues.

God receives all people - who come to Him thru Jesus (Ax10.35 / 17.30,31).

Don't put off what you can do now. Obey the gospel. Be saved.


notes by David Teel Saturday, September 05, 2015