Zeal for Your House Psa69.9

David's fervor shown 1st for tabernacle (2Sam6.14)...

then the temple of God (2Sam7.2 / 1Chron29.2-5 / Psa132.1-5).

Good people have often shown passionate eagerness in pursuit of holy things.


from Greek > Latin > French: en-theo-asm = possessed by God

induced by certain music - to be in rapture or ecstasy

excessive religious emotion thru conceit of special revelation (1650's)

(as the Puritans disparaged emotional displays of religion)

fervor or zeal / eagerness, fervor, passion(since 1716)


Being Enthusiastic

Misunderstood by men (religious fanaticism)

Dumbed down to mere emotions (strong excitement)

Real 'En-Theos' = God in me / filled with God!


The Zeal of Jesus

From age 12, He is about His Father's business (Lk2.46&49).

He cleanses the temple of earthly business (Jn2.13-17).

The Lord cries out over the destruction of Jerusalem (M23.37).


Suffering for the Lord (Rom15.3)

When I hear God blasphemed, my heart is stung.

As I see religious error all around, my spirit is disturbed.

When they ridicule and taunt me, I bear it for Jesus.


Needs Knowledge (Rom10.2)

Not self-willed: Excited by pursuit of personal agenda.

Nor deluded by false teaching or tradition: 'THIS' is the way.

To accept and submit to the way the Lord provides to be saved.


Enthusiasm is Needed...

In Prayer (Acts4.24)

In Preaching (Acts4.29)

In Singing (Psa81.1 / Acts16.25)


How to be Filled with God

The Lord promises to fill the humble (Isa66.1,2).

His Spirit lives in His children (Eph2.22 / 3.14-19).

We grow into the fullness of Christ (Eph4.13).


An Enthusiastic Life: Filled with the Lord -- by serving others (Rom12.11).


notes by David Teel Saturday, September 19, 2015