Nehemiahs Wall

Nehemiah's Wall

the final writings of the OT: Nehemiah ~425BC & Malachi ~416BC


Nebuchadnezzar takes Captives from Jerusalem - 605BC

Cyrus grants freedom to Jews under Persian Empire - 536BC

The Temple at Jerusalem rebuilt under Zerubbabel - 516BC

58 years later Ezra comes to teach and reform the people - 457BC

12 years later Nehemiah comes to govern & rebuild wall - 444BC

A Jew serving as cupbearer in the court of Persian King, Artaxerxes...


Great Beginnings -- chapters1-3

Brother and friends bring news from Jerusalem (Neh1.1-3)

In dedicated prayer and fasting, Nehemiah asks God for help (vs1-11)

While serving the king, he asks for leave to rebuild Jerusalem (2.1-8)

Arrives to survey the wall & invites Jews to join him (vs9-20)

Nehemiah repeatedly appeals to God & attributes success to Him (vs4,8,12,18,20)

Willing people from each family group built their part of the wall (ch3)


as earlier harassment led to royal decree to stop building the temple (Ezra4.21)


Obstacles to Overcome -- chapters4&6

Local Rulers Taunt & Threaten (4.1-3,7-8)

Nehemiah's Answer: Prayer (4.4-5,9)

"So we built the wall. ...the people had a mind to work." (v6)

Guards set (v9) and prepared for physical defense (vs13,16-23)

Murmurings of failure all around (vs10-11) Even from Jews! (v12)

Encouraged in the LORD (v14) so continued to work (v15)

The Enemy's Plots thicken to entice leadership (6.1-3)

Resort to using Blackmail (v6) and Entrapment (vs10-13)

Even the 'spiritual' united against the work (v14)

Done! Wall Finished in 52 days -- with the help of God (6.15-16)

Though there are 50K Jews in city, not all of them helped (v18)


Lesson for the church Today

Take the needs of the Lord's Cause seriously -- as Nehemiah's personal mission.

A Call to Volunteers: Willing hearts and hands make light & loving work.

Participants work side by side, united in joint efforts to repair & build > Done.

Refuse to be distracted by the world's pleas and ploys. Our work is too important!

Ready for defense of truth against false teaching and critics. Both Trowel & Sword.

Pray & give Praise to the LORD for grace & strength to advance His Cause.


We have a solid foundation to build on (Eph2.20) - IF we have a mind to work.


notes by David Teel Saturday, September 26, 2015






outtake notes...

Ingredients for success

  • vigorous,      dedicated, pious leadership (5.14-18)
  • deliberate      view of its magnitude and difficulty
  • certain      to provoke opposition
  • accomplished      with mutual co-operation
  • participants      must be devout
  • prospers      with the divine blessing