The Gospel of the Kingdom

Gospel of the Kingdom


How Jesus Preached

Q: Who was the great original preacher of the gospel?

His ministry begins: Mark 1.14&15

It is time for the rule of God to begin with His Anointed!


What the Kingdom is NOT

Our fancy vision of territory, subjects, & royalty ('Camelot'),

Nor all the pomp & power of Jerusalem, it's temple, priests & scribes.

Here in simple, peasant Galilee, Jesus proclaims His Kingdom.


What the Kingdom IS

God Rules: Yahweh is a Great king -- above all gods (Psa95.3).

His Regent-Appointed, the Son reigns, indomitable (Psa2).

Authority of Heaven comes in the person of Jesus (Lk17.220,21).


Behold, Your King!

As Samuel introduces Saul to the people (1Sam12.13).

Messiah promised (Isa32.1 / Zech9.9) & Gospel fulfill (Mt21.5).

Pilate invited the crowd to look upon Him (Jn19.14).


The Time

In the days of Roman lords - Dan2.44

Promised during that generation -- Mk9.1

Fullness of Time -- Gal4.4 / Eph1.10 / Col1.13


Jesus' Gospel: First, Middle, & Last

Matt4.23 Teaching and Proclaiming it

Matt9.35 Dispensing its Blessings

Matt24.14 Continued Proclamation Worldwide


The Ruler & The Rules

Someone IS in charge. There can only be One Boss.

Loyalty divided is no loyalty at all (Lk16.13). What decides a conflict?

He IS God of Order (1Cor14.33). His rules rule His people.


How to Participate -- Mk1.15

1st Repent: Turn! > re-think your ways, turn around & return to God

Then Believe: receive heaven's rule in the presence of King Jesus.

The Kingdom of God has come! The Messiah is here. Accept Him. Come in.



notes by David Teel Tuesday, September 29, 2015