The Story of Soils

The Story of Soils -- Matthew 13


Natural Amphitheater: boat for a podium / shore for seating (1&2)

Q: How fancy does our gathering place need to be? is it where OR what we do?


Story of the Seed (3-9)

  • "To      SOW, the sower went out" -- emphasis on action of spreading seed
  • Various      soils: path-way, rocky, thorny, or tilled earth -- all get seeded
  • Parable      of the SOILS - Variety in Results, dependent on the soil types


Art of Story-Telling

  • As      Isa5.1-7 on vine-growing & Isa28.23-29 on farming
  • Q: Why did Jesus teach using parables?
  • to      reveal & to hide (10-17) / to      sort people -- by their heart to learn
  • blessed:      see, hear, & understand / must be taught the reign of heaven


"So, Listen..."

The Story Explained (18-23)

The key to understanding all the stories of Jesus (Mk4.13)


1) path-way: hear w/o understanding, devil snatches word from heart (ouch!)

2) rocky: hears w/joy, but no root, in persecution falls away / reception =/= results

3) thorny: hears, but cares and riches choke > no fruit / wrong focus in life

4) good: lit -- "beautiful, worthy" / hears, understands, & bears fruit (any amount)


Word of Kingdom (Mt13.19 Mk4.14 / Lk8.11)

  • good      seed -- pure, simple, true message about God's power to save us
  • sown      by teachers -- entrusted & trustworthy -- who teach in order to save
  • power      to produce -- germ of life within, implanted will germinate & grow


4 Different Soil Types

  • 1 hard      & unspiritual
  • 2 shallow      & weak
  • 3 distracted      & deluded
  • 4 receptive      & fertile


Why This Story?

  • What      determines the seed's productivity? (Jas1.21 / 1Pet1.23)
  • Take      care HOW you hear! Listen to understand, turn & be healed (15)
  • What      sort of hearer am I? (indifferent / easy / distracted / dedicated)


All other things being equal (good teacher & true teaching)...

the difference between being fruitless and being fruitful is... in the heart.


notes by David Teel Saturday, October 10, 2015