Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray -- Luke 11.1


"pray" 28x, "prayer" 10x &"prayed" 10x in gospels


Man of Prayer

Jesus was constantly in prayer -

...sometimes all night! (Lk6.12)

His disciples noticed, & wanted to pray like He did.


In This Way, Pray (Lk11.2-4 / Mt6.9-13)


           address the Holy One


It's about You, Lord: Your Name...


           concern for His reign


Your Will & Your Rule


           ask for earthly needs


Please, feed us...


           more for fellowship


forgive us,


           & spiritual deliverance


and be Our Savior (We need you.)



Heart of Prayer

not pride, but humility (Lk18.10-14) ["You need me VS I need you."]

not grudges, but forgiveness (Mt6.14,15). We must give to be forgiven.

not doubt, but faith: "ask in prayer -- receive -- have faith" (Mt21.22)


Pray Alone (Mt14.23)

not to be seen of men: "they have received their reward" (Mt6.5)

time with God: "into your room -- shut door - pray to your Father in secret" (v6)

in holy communion: "I know You always hear me" (Jn11.42 / 1Jn5.15)


For Whom

Our Enemies: "pray for those who persecute you" (Mt5.44)

Children: "lay His hands on them and pray" (Mt19.13)

The Lost: "Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest..." (Lk10.2)



Joyfully: "He rejoiced... I thank you, Father..." (Lk10.21)

Persistently: "ought always to pray and not lose heart" (Lk18.1,7&8)

Fervently: "He prayed more earnestly, his sweat like great drops of blood..." (Lk22.44)



Overcoming Evil: "driven out by prayer" (Mk9.29)

In Worship: "House of Prayer for all nations" (Lk19.46)

& Temptation: "pray that you may not enter..." (Lk22.40,46)


To Our Caring Father (Lk11.11-13), Who provides the greatest gifts.


notes by David Teel Monday, September 21, 2015