Children of Light

Children of Light - 1Thess5.5

God created Light (Gen1.3-5) & the Light is good!


Light VS Dark

  • Light      is separated from darkness -- by God and His natural law.
  • In      moral world - they are still separated (2Cor6.14).
  • Men      try to blur the lines (see Job17.12) or confuse sides (Isa5.20).


Forms of Darkness

  • Darkness      of Ignorance (Jn12.35) -- Escaped by walking in light.
  • Darkness      of Immorality (Rom13.12&13) -- Replaced by armor of light.
  • Darkness      of Condemnation (2Pet2.4&17 / Jude6&13) -- Eternal doom.


Dappling in Dark Arts

  • False religion:      seeking mediums and spirits dis-allowed (Dt18.10-12).
  • Death      to black magic: a witch or sorcerer must die (Lev19.31 / 20.27).
  • Non-revelation:      answers in the stars? Zodiac condemned (Isa47.13).


Black Holiday: Halloween

  • Celtic      honoring the dead / tribute to dark powers / answer from Devil.
  • Dead      walk the earth -- placated by treats / dress like ghouls to blend in.
  • Catholic      church created All Saints Day to include dark religion for masses.


World in Darkness

  • Sadly,      people love the darkness and will not come to the light (Jn3.19).
  • Born      of the Father of Lies, doing all his wicked will (Jn8.44).
  • The      whole world lies under the influence of the wicked one (1Jn5.19).


Darkness VS Jesus

  • Cast      out the prince of darkness: "Be gone, Satan!" (Mt4.10).
  • Jesus      and demons clash in battle (Mk1.25 / 5.8 / 9.25) "Never enter him again!"
  • The      power of Satan -- in the darkness (Ax26.18). We must be set free!


Jesus is the Light

  • Promised      to dawn on those living in darkness (Isa9.2 > Mt4.16).
  • The      Light has come into the world (Jn1.4&5).
  • The      Light of the world: follow & have a living light (Jn8.12).


Behold Divine Glory! (2Cor4.6)

  • Believe      in the Light -- and so become sons of light (Jn12.35,36).
  • Walk      in the Light / expose the darkness (Eph5.8-14).
  • Proclaim      His Praises Who called you to Marvelous Light (1Pet2.9).
  • Walk      in Fellowship & enjoy His Forgiveness (1Jn1.5-7).


notes by David Teel Saturday, October 24, 2015