Church Prayer

Church Prayer


a tour of Luke's ACTS, looking at the prayer life of the early church


1st disciples devoted -- in same spirit -- they 'stuck to' prayer Acts1.14

also Jesus' mother and half-brothers, a blessed family

seeking power from on high, as promised by Jesus (v8)


Gathered with the Jews Acts3.1

three hours of prayer: 3rd,6th,&9th.

to find those turned toward God & show them the Son


Work of Apostles: prayer & preaching Acts6.4

ministry of tables appointed to others

as church dedicated to listening (Ax2.42), they dedicated to preaching

enterprise of reaching hearts and changing lives requires divine blessing


Personal Prayer Acts10.2,4

Suited subject of the gospel -- except he was a non-Jew!

Joined by another man, seeking guidance in prayer v9

Memorial before the throne of heaven - a Gentile heard by God v31


Prayer for Peter Acts12.5

Herod has James killed, Peter imprisoned -- on death row. The church prayers earnestly.

(A crisis causes us to stretch our faith and practice > powerful prayer).

Angel rescues Peter, from sleep, from chains, guards & bars, out into the street.

Prayer meeting at Mary's house. Rhoda left Peter at the door. Rest: Crazy! Angel.

Knock, Knock. Opened door. Amazed. Shhh! Tell James and brothers.

Daylight. Fuss in the prison. Soldiers questioned and executed.


Dedication of elders Acts14.23

gospel preached, disciples follow, church works together

yet un-organized: a 'thing wanting' (Tit1.5 / Phil1.1)

Their normal duty: to teach, instruct, guide -- as spiritual leaders

not perfect, but dedicated men, who take this as solemn duty


Preach among the Praying Acts16.13&16

The man of Macedonia turned out to be a group of women!

all religious are not yet right, but seeking God is a 1st essential step

still a most effective means of reaching the lost


Penitent Prayer

If we stray in purpose or practice, we must turn back: Acts8.22&24

God is faithful, Who promises to receive again his returning child (1Jn1.7).


notes by David Teel Tuesday, October 20, 2015