Persecuted Faith

Persecuted Faith


History of Persecution

Jesus, Stephen, James -- began Jewish hatred for Christians

Nero (AD64) & Diocletian (AD303) slew 10's of thousands

French Revolution / Ottomans Empire / today's Muslim nations

 "The blood of martyrs was the seed of the church." Tertullian (2ndC)


Born in Turmoil

Within 3 weeks of preaching, Jews roused a mob against believers (Ax17.2,5)

Jason's family was attacked, dragged to court, and falsely accused (vs6,7)

Faith born "in much affliction" (1Thess1.6) / "suffering from countrymen" (2.14)


A Reassuring Word: 2Thess1


strong church 3-4

obligated the apostle to thank God for them & and boast to other assemblies

hyper-growing faith & super-abounding love -- the entire group

cheerful constancy despite being hounded and pressured


divine justice 5-7

proving God's decision fair -- to count suffering ones worthy of kingdom

He considers this right: to afflict the afflicters & relieve the afflicted

Jesus will be manifest from skies - accompanied with powerful heralds


destiny of unbelief 8-9

blazing lightning of punishment on willfully ignorant of God

who do not submit to the good message of the Lord Jesus

perpetually banished from the powerful light of His face


glorious day 10

His rescue of His holy ones will result in praises to Him

those who trust apostolic testimony will marvel at Him

that Great Day is coming! a day of relief & satisfaction (Rev19.1-3)


purposeful prayer 11-12

bring your good intentions & trusting action to fruition

the Lord Jesus be praised and you honored in Him

it is His generous gift of goodness to bless & enable this


Promises to the Persecuted

1) The godly WILL experience persecution (2Tim3.12)

2) Christ DOES give strength to the weak (2Cor12.10)

3) God WILL judge the persecutors (Lk18.6-8 / Rev6.10,11)

4) Those persecuted for right ARE blessed / happy (Mt5.10-12)


notes by David Teel Friday, November 20, 2015