The Canaanite Woman

The Canaanite Woman

Mt15.21-28 & Mk7.24-30


Retreat Time

Jesus withdrew from ministry to rest elsewhere (Mt15.21 / Mk7.24).

Intent to rest, yet He could not be hid. What He had was not concealable!


Urgent Need

Immediately this women came to Him (Mk7.25).

Great need sponsors great response. She is driven by sheer need to find relieve.


Honoring Jesus

Falling down at His feet (Mk7.25b).

"O Lord, Son of David" (Mt15.22).


Specific Plea

"My daughter is sorely demon oppressed." (Mt15.22).

A poor little girl possessed by an evil spirit (Mk7.25).


Persistent Request

Gk: "she kept on begging Him" - continually, incessantly, without reprieve (Mk7.26).

The disciples complain to Him, "she is crying out after us" (Mt15.23b).


Divine Focus

His Mission: the lost sheep of Israel (Mt15.24).

He had NOT come to heal or to teach here in Phoenicia.


Resilient Faith

At first Jesus does not even acknowledge her presence (Mt15.23a).

Yet, she insists, regardless of merit, "Lord, help me." (v25)


Reasoning Words

"Improper to throw children's food to the puppies." (Mt15.26)

"Yes, but the puppies do eat the master's scraps." (Mt15.27)


Great Faith!

The Lord's own estimation of this woman's heart (Mt15.28).

"For this statement" - because you said this (Mk7.29).


Blessing Obtained

Her heart's desire acquired -- as a gift of the Lord (Mt15.28).

"The demon has left your daughter." (Mk7.29) - at His word & ever more.


Lessons to Learn

  1. When you know WHO Jesus      is, come right away, don't delay.
  2. Honor Him who is Lord      of earth and sky -- He deserves it.
  3. Express your needs to      the Lord exactly, precisely, specifically, explicitly.
  4. Be persistent in your      requests. Continue asking until He answers.
  5. Don't be overly-sensitive.      Have the faith to overcome your feelings.


Why was there later a band of disciples both at Tyre & at Sidon (Acts21.3 & 27.3)?




An Historical Aside: Tyre

a strong city (Josh19.29) at edge of Israel's promised land

home of king Hiram (2Sam5.11 / 1Kgs5.1) supplier of materials & craftsmen for temple

and rebuild the city (Ezra3.7) after Babylonian captivity

major port city, rich from trade (Psa45.12 / Isa23.8), yet needed Judean grain (Ax12.20)

His fame had earlier spread to the people of this area (Mk3.8).

lacking preaching, better than cities who spurned the opportunity (Lk10.13&14)