Beware Covetousness

Beware of Covetousness

Luke 12.13-15


What Does a Man Need?

a palace? servants? riches? pleasure? Solomon tried all those (Eccl).

Paul: food & clothing (1Tim6.8)

Jesus: not even those! (Lk12.23)


Really?! "This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?" (John 6:60)


What IS Covetousness?

One of the evils characteristic of the unbelieving world (Rom1.29).

Along with sexual impurity, not fit for the life of saints (Eph5.3).

Part of the earthly nature that must be executed (Col3.5).


What's the Problem?

Why? What's wrong with a little coveting? Like a little white lie, huh?

Paul: "Coveting is ..." (Col3.5) Idolatry. Mmm? Just a little false god.

Jesus: "You cannot serve God AND Mammon (money)" (Matt6.24).


What Will Man Do Money?

Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. Just about anything.

James: We lust, envy, fight, war, and murder (Jas4.2).

Paul: 1Tim6.9-11 It's a baited trap that slides into hell.


Story of Rich Man: Luke12.16-21

Blessed with an abundant harvest, this man wisely stored up.

Self: Bonanza! Early Retirement! "Ample goods for many years."

God: "Fool! It's time for judgment. Leave your goods for another."


What Went Wrong?

All that careful planning, hard work, sowing & reaping, storing up.

Q: What IS the Motive? Physical comfort. Earthly security. Self.

Jesus: "It's a heart problem." (Mk7.21-23)


Why Let Go of Things?

Riches have wings -- can't keep them anyway (Prov23.5).

Wealth fades away (Jas1.11) / Treasures corrode (Jas5.2).

Lasting treasure is reserved by God in heaven (Luke12.21,33,&34)


Lay up Treasure with God. Save your Heart Forever.



notes by David Teel Sunday, December 13, 2015