Treasure in Heaven

Treasure in Heaven


Great Lesson: 1) good company 2) gateway to giving 3) key to happiness


Seeking for Treasure

A righteous man -- by work & wisdom -- has a treasure (Prov15.6)

Kings amass great treasure stores - & show them off (2Kings20.13)

Devoted men give up their treasure to serve God (1Chron29.3)


"One thing you lack."

Know & perform the commands (Mk10.17-20)

But missing a key ingredient: applying riches for good (v21)

Why go away sad? Thinking "Earth is my home." (vs22-25)


Distracted Loyalty

Something about nature of man -- that physical & spiritual don't mix.

"You cannot serve God & money." (Mt6.24)

The Test: We must let go one -- to have the other.


Where your treasure is... (Mt6.21)

Not store up 2nd where heart focused 1st, but...

What you Value as Riches, you obsess about & focus on.

Why move away from your treasure? Tie your heart to eternal store.

Are your possessions spoiled? Much better in store (Heb10.34)


What IS Treasure?

Solomon: "My son, treasure up my commands" (Prov2.1 / 7.1)

Isaiah: "The fear of the LORD is Zion's treasure." (Isaiah 33:6)

Paul: You -- brothers in Christ - are our joy & crown (1Thess2.19&20)

Ultimately, Christ is (Col2.3) Surrender all > gain Christ (Phil3.7&8)


How Do I make Deposits Above?

Sell & give (Lk12.33 / Mt19.21 / Lk18.22)

Help the helpless -- who can't return favor (Lk14.13&14)

Make eternal friends (Lk16.9) Ex: support evangelism

Doing good in generous sharing (1Tim6.17-19)


Why Does this Work?

God is a righteous Judge who rewards (Mt6.1,2,4,5,6,16,18)

He repays for good done to His people (M10.41&42 / Heb6.10)

Warning: Can be a store of regret and punishment (Jas5.1-3-6)

'Goods' stored with Him are forever secure (1Pet1.4)

He is treasurer of heaven's bank -- better than FDIC!


The Right-Crown reserved for Faithful (2Tim4.8)


notes by David Teel Sunday, December 20, 2015