We have had a time with the weather this month. I-80 in Wyoming was shut down because of a tanker spill caused by snow and wind. After that was cleaned up there were car accidents that closed it again. We stayed in a rest stop in Colorado until it opened but  we only made 90 miles before we stopped.  The wind was gusting up to 40 mph and blowing snow on the highway.  The next day we made only 300 miles and saw at least 10 tractor trailers off the road wrecked.  It snowed that night and I 84 and 80 were closed. We spent 34 hours in a rest area in Utah. I was amazed that there were drivers thinking they could make it. They were deceived by the weather even though there were clear warnings not to go. Crazy.

In Galatians 6:7 the verse starts off with, "do not be deceived, " but yet we are.

Col 2:8 starts off very similar, " Beware lest anyone cheat you." we still don't listen  

Just as the wind kicks up so does life. We need to be mindful of our action, thoughts, and speech. Remember,  we can not talk our way out of a situation our behavior got us into. Sober thinking will serve us well because the worst deception is self-deception.

The Lord gives us His word for us to be successful Christians,  to reach the goal, Him.

From the road and in Christ,